Ultimate SXSW 2012 Free Food Nom Nom Nom Guide

Before I beging this I wanted to thank everyone who has been following on Twitter for the past 3 years who keep following to get all the dibs on the free food and drinks at SXSW. Without further ado, here is my list of the ultimate free noms guide. I’m not listing everything but definitely what I think you all will be stoked about or quite frankly what I’m excited about. I’ll be gradually adding more to this list and will tweet out when it gets updated. These are the best of the best in my opinion. 

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1. SQUARESPACE FOOD TRUCK - March 9th-17th starting at 11AM on 5th & Neeches they will be serving free food from some of the top food places here in Austin, including free Cuvee Coffee starting at 8:30am before the truck opens. Drinks from too. Every day is different and will vary. Head here for the menu.

2. GROUPME GRILL - Once again they have done it again. Can’t go wrong with beer and grilled cheese AND it’s right across from the convention center on Trinity & 3rd. Every day from 12-5pm starting March 10th-12. A great place to meet-up with people and meet others! More info here.

4. WHOLE FOODS MARKET FOOD TRUCK - Finally. Get your organic noms every day in front of the Marriott in the afternoon. Great idea!

5. TASKRABBIT PARK - So sounds like TB has a whole park on 307 East 2nd Street and is doing a bunch of things starting with a Kickoff Backayrd BBQ Friday with different food worthy activities. Hello, they partnered with BRAVO home of Top Chef. Hell even Tom Colicchio is scheduled to be there. They also have a street team running taks for you and even giving out some of Austin’s favorite treats. Head here for info on their Sunday Fryday (yes all things fried), Detox Day full of juices from The Daily Juice, and more.

6. TODAY SHOW’s “Munchie Mobile” food truck will be at SXSW till March 13th serving FREE breakfast from 8 - 12noon at at Marriott in Downtown Austin (4th and Trinity. And that’s not it, they’ll have late night snacks from 10pm-2am at Wilson Brown Productions (522 East 6th Street.) Go here to see the menu of what you’ll be eating!

7. Get Baked with BakeSpace.com - Every year I go hang out with fellow food bloggers here and there’s always yummy baked treats. This year it’s on Saturday, March 10, 2012 from 3-6pm. See you there!

8. Rachel Ray’s Feedback Party - If you’ve been to SXSW you know this party always is one of the best with lots of free food and drinks.

9. 10th Annual Nuclear Tacos Night - If you’ve never had a nuclear taco…well then you’re prob reading this. I kid! I kid! 6-9pm on Monday March 12th. 

10. Cooking Channel Beer Garden - First of all, how can this NOT be a great food party, right? Cooking Channel is taking over Easy Tiger Bake Shop from 5pm-2am from March 9th-11th. It’s free but you have to RSVP so move it!

11. HYPE HOTEL with Taco Bell Feed The Beat! Once again Taco Bell returns and will be serving up their new tacos with Doritos? RSVP here for the HYPE HOTEL, March 13-17, 504 Trinity.


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